Saturday, March 10, 2012

Country Crossroads Quilt Pattern

These three simple blocks compose this quilt in progress I call Nebraska Country Crossroads, named for the state I grew up in.  Pheasants abound there, and the pheasant fabric was perfect for this quilt!  The pattern forms "roads" across the quilt diagonally, framing the pheasant print.  The block size is 6", finished.  The pheasant print was cut into 6-1/2" strips, then cutting those strips into 6-1/2" lengths to form a square.  The other two blocks use 2-1/2" strips.  One block is a Rail Fence pattern, using 3 strips joined and cut into 6-1/2" segments.  The last block is a simple 9-Patch, made up of the dark and medium colors.  One strip set was dark/light/dark and the other was light/dark/light, and these were cut into 2-1/2" segments and joined alternately, as shown.  Be aware of the contrasting colors, as they will form your pattern.  The next photo shows some of the blocks joined to form the pattern of the quilt top. Note that there are three rows joined at this point.  From the right top edge, there is a 9-Patch, then a Rail Fence block, then another 9-Patch, then another Rail Fence, then another 9-Patch. 
Second row down on the right side:  Rail Fence block, Pheasant print block, Rail Fence block, 9-Patch block, Rail Fence block, and so on.  The dark fabric of the Rail Fence block forms the frame around the Pheasant print. The finished 2" dark squares of the 9-Patch blocks form chains or "roads" across the quilt top diagonally. This patteren would be lovely in any color combination, and could be based on one focal fabric that you love, adding complementary colors for the other three fabrics.  A good distinction between light and dark is important for this pattern, with a nice medium tone that blends everything together and gives the eye a place to rest.  Here are a couple of photos of another color combination, based on a beautiful blue floral fabric I had purchased.  The center blocks were fussy-cut in this case.  The photo on the right shows three rows joined, as in the pheasant quilt above.  If you have any questions, please ask me.  Happy quilting!

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