Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Role of a Lifetime!

I was watching some old “Monk” television shows today while quilting, and the thought came to me that sometimes I have seen actors in a television or movie role that seemed so suited to them that it could possibly be their role of a lifetime!  Now, I am fully aware that the writers play a big part in making that character successful, but the actor delivers those lines in a way that makes it so believable it’s difficult not to think of them as actually being that character!  Tony Shaloub as Monk is one of those indelible characters, in my opinion.  A year or two ago, another television show began, “Perception”, and Eric McCormack seems so suited to the role of the professor with a mental illness that it far surpasses his comedic interactions on “Will and Grace”.  And who can watch “Castle” and picture anyone but Nathan Fillian in the title role?  He brings a sense of innocent naiveté and excitement to the character that the writing cannot accomplish on its own. 

I wonder how many of us realize the role that is most perfect for us?  Is it the role of parent that brings you the most fulfillment?  Is it your career?  Is it the worthy works you do that make you feel a sense of true accomplishment?  Or are you, dear reader, like so many others, just marking time by doing the things you feel you have to do in your chosen lifestyle, with never enough hours in the day to accomplish it all?  I believe we all have moments of awareness that we are where we need to be at any given time, but those moments don’t always last long enough to bring us a sense of peace within.  We get so caught up in our daily activities that we cannot take time to understand what we need to do to get to that place where we are connected with our inner joy.  For many, meditation can help to bring us to that center.  Oftentimes, it is not a major “happening”, but simply a small shift in consciousness that opens our eyes to our own truth.  We are often like the gears of a machine that are a little out of sync, and not operating with full efficiency.  But when that shift occurs, everything clicks into place.  A dear friend described it best by saying, “Nothing has changed, but everything is different”.  There is an awareness that is present, a recognition of our connection to all things.  It is an admission of our individual insignificance but still a realization of our own magnificence.  

You cannot find your truth through anyone else; what you see through their eyes is simply a reflection of who they perceive you to be.  If you are searching, perhaps it is time to stop searching outside yourself, and take time to connect with your inner truth.  Who are you?  Would you choose yourself for a friend?  You might have dozens of friends, but it matters little if anyone else likes you, if you do not like yourself.  Perhaps the greatest role of your lifetime is simply to give yourself permission to be yourself, and love yourself unconditionally!

The longings of a restless heart
Your map and guidebook be;
Impatient yearnings steer the course
That vision cannot see.

Come, bask in friendship’s gentle glow,
Feel my tranquility;
I’ll whisper soft the message from
The Unseen One who comforts me.

Find peace at my Oasis,
Weary sojourner of shoal;
Find respite as you linger near
The placid waters of my soul.