Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Crocheted Top Dish Towels

Crocheted Top Dish Towels:
Christmas is just 5 weeks away!  This year, I THOUGHT I had a “jump” on it by ordering a lot of gifts online and beginning my handwork projects in October.  I seem to have a major problem… one which I realize I’ve had all of my life.  No matter how early I start, I always think of other things to add, and with 5 children, their spouses, and 10 grandchildren and now several step-grands and great-grands, I try to keep things even.  If I give more to one, I need to give more to the rest, as well.  My family continues to grow and the gift list expands right along with it.  I am blessed to have a large, loving family… but I need to figure out how I can cope with the gift issue logically and practically.  Most importantly, I need to regulate MYSELF!  I knit dishcloths and crochet net scrubbies year round while I am “resting” or watching television, so one of the items I give every year is a box that includes some handmade dishcloths, scrubbies and hanging terrycloth towels with crocheted tops, to hang on an oven door handle.  They are easy to make, fairly inexpensive, and very useful. 
Find the dishcloth instructions here: 
Find the crocheted nylon net scrubbies here:
Here is the pattern for my crocheted top on the dishtowels:
Crocheted ruffle top towel:
Size F or G crochet hook, depending on how tightly you crochet.  Gauge isn't important with this pattern, but it shouldn't be too loose.
4-ply Knitting Worsted Weight Yarn
Hand Towel (I use terry cloth)
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
CH = Chain
SK = Skip
STS = Stitches
Fold towel in half, wrong sides together.  I find it helpful to sew a zigzag
stitch along the edge of the fold, to keep it evenly in place while I work with the towel.  Punch holes approximately ¼” apart along folded edge of towel, using a sharp object like an awl.  I can only punch about 4 holes at a time without them closing up again, so this step takes the longest.  Single crochet in each hole across towel,
approximately 50 STS.  It really doesn’t matter if you have more, as you will decrease down to the correct number on Row 6.

Row 1:  Chain 1.  SC in top of each SC across towel.  CH 2. Turn.
Row 2: DC in top of each SC across.  CH 2.  Turn.
Row 3: DC in top of first DC. (2 DC made). *Sk 1 DC, DC in top of next 2 DC.  Repeat from * across row.  CH 2. Turn.
Row 4: DC in top of every other DC across row.  Ch 2.  Turn.
Row 5: DC in top of every other DC across row, decreasing evenly across row.  Ch2. Turn.
Row 6: DC in top of every DC, decreasing evenly across row to end with 8 sts.  Ch 2. Turn.
Row 7-8: DC in top of each DC across.  Ch 2. Turn.
Row 9:  DC in top of first 3 D.  Ch 2, SK 2 DC, DC in remaining 3 DC.  Ch 2. Turn.
Row 10-15: DC in each of 8 sts across row.  Ch 2. Turn.
Row 16: 2 DC in top of each DC.  Ch 2.  Turn.
Row 17: 3 DC in top of each DC.  Fasten off. 
Edging: SC evenly around all crocheted area of towel, beginning at one side and going up each side, around ruffle, and down the remaining side.  Fasten off.  Put ruffle through buttonhole formed with Row 9.
I’m busy wrapping gifts and putting them into big boxes, according to which family they are for.  Everyone will be here for Thanksgiving, and I don’t want them to see the gifts unwrapped in boxes in my dining room, which is my “storage” room!  The Minnesota children will take their gifts home with them, but the Michigan contingent will probably come down to celebrate at some point, probably shortly after Christmas, so all of us in the Cincinnati area will celebrate together then.  Holidays celebrated on a specific day don’t mean as much as when my family can gather together… then it is my favorite holiday, whatever day that happens to be! 

A few weeks ago, my youngest son came down from Michigan to spend a few days with me and do some of the things on my honey-do list.  His Cincinnati siblings all came over to visit and help with various projects throughout the weekend.  I love the spouses my children chose, and love their children… but it was a selfish delight to have four of my children together and see how wonderfully they relate to each other as adults.  We laughed and reminisced, and it was my first Christmas gift this year… and one that could never be boxed and wrapped!  My yard is raked and
Should have taken a before picture of this 40+ year-old rocker with chipped/worn paint.   Now it's an awesome blank slate of Norwegian green for possible rosmaling in the future.
mowed, a new faucet assembly adorns my kitchen sink, the garbage disposal works once again, all of my clocks are set to the correct time, light bulbs replaced, an old wooden rocker repainted and sitting proudly in my family room… and probably other things I’ve forgotten to mention.  When my dear husband was dying, he gave my children instructions on how to “take care” of me when he was gone, and I’m sure he looks down proudly to see how they do just that.  At this time of Thanksgiving, I truly give thanks for the blessing of my family and my friends, many of whom have become my “adopted” family.  We will gather at my home for dinner on Thanksgiving with everyone bringing part of the “feast”, and the other grandparents and extended family who are able will join us… my children have continued the traditions they grew up with, and there is always room for one more at the table, no matter what the occasion! 


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