Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Addendum to Scrappy Squares

A quilting friend asked if this pattern could be adapted to 1-1/2" strips, so I worked up a sample this morning.  Here is a picture of the Scrappy Square block using the smaller strips... each square is about 3-1/2", finishing to 3", so the completed block would finish to 6".  I started with strips that were only half the width of the fabric, and got 7 squares from the half width, plus a little more... so you could possibly get 15 squares from the whole strip width.  That would make 3 blocks with 3 squares left over.  The photo to the right demonstrates the cutting process plus 4 squares set together (not yet sewn).  Now to experiment with 9-patch blocks separating the Scrappy Squares... I think it would be pretty with a fussy-cut rose in the center of the 9-patch.  I'll keep you posted!  Happy sewing!


  1. Thanks for trying, I would like to do it but how long would my strips need to be ? as mine are mostly scraps they are not that long. I am pretty new to quilting and the only triangle rulers I have are the ez angle and ez angle companion. Which would I need to use ? I sure wish you could show this by video, I am such a visual person.....

    hugs from France,

  2. This is interesting. I hope you show us what you do with your 9-patch ideas. Thank you.

  3. Hi Alaena,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a Follower of it. I have become aq Follower of yours too. :) Your Scrappy Squares look nice.